"I want to be a princess hairdresser."
“What’s going to be the hardest part about being a princess hairdresser?”
“Cutting Rapunzel’s hair.”

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This is simply beautiful.


Watercolour and pen. This piece is called Contentment. By Helen Wells. January 2014. or see my Facebook page

Thank you, Cozbi, for your lovely Lula Skirt design. I have such great memories of making these with you.

Brocade Lula Skirt

wool simple jacket
Easy to make. Easy to wear. wool simple jacket
Easy to make. Easy to wear.

wool simple jacket

Easy to make. Easy to wear.

The Beautiful Girl

Inspirationally beautiful.

that’s what she was. Her hair spilled over her shoulders and chest, and the delicate brush of their tips, curled and not, just above her stomach… 

Her long neck glistened as her white blouse created a gentle V… open and free… limitless and afraid of nothing. owning herself, being fully in it, yet completely free of it. She stood leaning on the side of that wall, one hand half way in her jeans’ left pocket, her sleeves rolled up only just a bit. 

She was just standing there. Staring at me.

And she was inspirationally beautiful. 

We reached the top. Mt. Fuji, 12,000 ft above sea level was breath taking. 

I had not updated for a few months since the climb was followed by a series of events which changed my life. I moved within two weeks of my return from Brooklyn to Minneapolis and started working for a theater company. 

I do not want to talk about these things today. They may be referenced in some future posts. I want to write about Life today, its preciousness, its finiteness, and its delicate nature. 

What possesses us to start taking things for granted, I do not know. It is in our nature to pay attention to different things and move concepts into our subconscious. I’m not a tremendously experienced runner, but I can make a reference here that in my own head seems to make quite a bit of sense. When I run, a good part of my time is initially spent on focusing. What’s my speed, how’s my form, and more than anything else, how is my breathing? I can rotate and concentrate on these different things, and I can try to put one or two or all on auto pilot, but more often than not, I catch myself thinking about something from work, or a friend, or anything completely unrelated to my running. I never know how I got there, but I try to refocus. I do not mind it. I find it to be normal… and I wonder, is it the same with other concepts in our lives? Does it relate to Life and Living itself? 

I believe we forget or lose focus of the preciousness of life. There are moments which recalibrate, bring us back, show us the goods, touch us on a deep tremendous level, shatter our sense of meaninglessness and realign us with that which deeply matters to us. Those are great moments, and generally we want to hold on to them. We want to preserve them and make the moment last. And they will… but like the run, we will get distracted. We will forget, and will seek again. We will wonder why we’re here, what is the purpose, and what it means to be, when the preciousness of life is right there with us, all along. Being here, in and of itself, is beautiful. I know… we are plagued with more despair, poverty, and torturous conditions implemented by humankind. And maybe the grace rests right in the heart of every single one of us who notices the beauty that is the potential of each and every one of us… and that which is possible as a product of our greater good… our ecosystem, our earth, our universe.

I cannot say that I know much about this life. But I can say that if I were to pass on today, I believe I would go happy. I would go satisfied. I have met some of the most tremendous people. I have broken bread in the most humble of homes. I have seen the most beautiful of scenes. I have been inspired… and inspiration feeds me enough. Maybe I only hope I have given something back.

With deep gratitude and kind regards for all of life